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The Collective

"The members of the Matt Cook Collective are at the vanguard of an enormously promising generation of young musicians that is revitalizing Kansas City’s jazz scene." - Bill Brownlee, Kansas City Music Writer

The Matt Cook Collective is a unique Kansas City-based jazz quintet. Drawing from a pool of Kansas City's diverse musicians, the band comes together to create memorable, beautiful improvised music. The group has toured 3 times across 6 states, providing educational clinics along the way for over 1,000 public school students. The band plays original music by band members Joel Gordon, Matthew Clinkenbeard, and Matt Cook.

The group released an EP in 2016, and most recently a crowdfunded full-length project in 2017 - Along Those Lines - featuring all original compositions by Cook, Matt Clinkenbeard, and Joel Gordon. It's available online, anywhere that you get your music. Check out the recordings page for more details.

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